Joining the Friday Night Skate is always at your own risk. The use of a helmet, wrist-, elbow- and knee protection is strongly recommended.


Safety during the skate

At the Friday Night Skate the participants skate in a big group in the middle of traffic. That is why the field of participants is escorted by MC-officers in front of and behind the field.

Blockers around the field also take care of the security of the skaters. Furthermore Flying Nurses are skating inside the field, so they can provide first-aid, if an accident should happen.

Good skate-manners
Only skaters able to break and skate in an overall controlled way can join the Friday Night Skate. Still accidents can happen. Maybe there is a crack in the road or participants bumping into each other etc.

That is why it is important to skate in a controlled manner and be attentive of yourself and others - even if you feel completely at home on a pair of wheels and want to do tricks.

View the rules for participation


A helmet, wrist-, elbow- and knee protection can prevent many injuries, and reflector strips or head- and rear-lights can make other road users notice you when it is dark.

A good skate helmet is one of the most important safety-features. Head injuries can lead to severe and lasting injury.

Rent a helmet at the starting point

If you don’t have a helmet, you can borrow one at the starting point of the skate, in exchange for an ID card and a small deposit.