Bonus Saturday event!!

As previously announced, we have a bonus event Saturday October15th. Together with the Cancer Society you have the opportunity to skate on the freshly laid asphalt on the new bicycle route from Hvidovre to Husum.

The event starts at 13.00:
13.00 Mayors welcomes you and opens the asphalt path
13.15 Friday Night Skate rolls out on a 26 km tour
13.30 For beginners, there is opportunity for skating lessons in Hvidovre
15.45 (approx.) Friday Night Skate is back in Hvidovre

There will be an opportunity to purchase food and beverages at the start in Hvidovre, and there will also be music from "Karmakanonen".

If you think 26 km is much you can do with half, and then take the train home from Husum S-station. Or take a long break at the "Artillerimagasinet" - and join the group we heading back.

Are you using public transportation, Avedøre S station is closest to the starting place in Hvidovre. Follow the blue route on the map below from Avedøre S station. to the green marker - approx. 1 ½ km.

Start from Mågevej at 1 PM
(green marker on map)

We follow the new cycle route "Vestvolden", all the way to Husum (yellow marker on the map), where we turn around and rolls back.

At the start there is a opportunity to put you bag in our trailer as usual.



Break: "Artillerimagasinet"
(red marker on map)

This time, we will have two short breaks. both at the "Artillerimagasinet". The first after 8½ km - and the second on our way back from Husum to Hvidovre, after 17 ½ km.

Finish about 26 km
(green markering på kort)