A skate event for everyone through the streets of Copenhagen

Photo: Henrik Hess

Friday Night Skate is a Copenhagen roller-skate event. On selected Friday evenings you are able to skate through Copenhagen in the middle of the street with a large group of people. The participants are protected from other road users, so you can enjoy safe and undisturbed skating in the middle of traffic. Friday Night Skate have from 500 to 1500 participants per event, depending on the weather condition.

8 times during the summer

Friday Night Skate will take place on 8 Fridays during the period from April – September. Everyone can participate, the event is free of charge and there is no signing up for participation. 

Not a competition skate

Every skate event has a different 18-21 km route through the streets of Copenhagen. Friday Night Skate is a cool way to experience the city with a lot of other people. You start, run and finish the skate as a group. The skate is not a competition.

The organization of the skate

The organizers and volunteers do their best to make every Friday Night Skate a safe journey through the city. Therefore the field of participants is escorted by Blockers, Flying Nurses and a couple of MC-officers.

  • Blockers are overlooking the skaters and the traffic, and they set the pace of the skate
  • Flying Nurses are capable of giving first-aid, if accidents should happen along the way
  • In front of and behind the field a couple of MC-officers keep other road users at a distance.

Learn more about Blockers and Flying Nurses