How an earthquake got the idea rollin'...

The idea for Friday Night Skate developed in San Francisco in 1989. An earthquake damaged the Embarcadero Freeway so it was closed. It was soon discovered that this was an excellent skating route and hundreds of skaters came there everyday to skate. When the highway-reconstruction began, the skaters decided to meet every Friday night and skate at the coastline instead.

…and it became a huge success

In the beginning a minor group of 15-30 skaters met up every Friday night, but soon the number of people skating was increasing - and in the summer of 1996 700 people participated in the Friday Night Skate in San Francisco.

Friday Night Skate – a global project

Since the beginning the Friday Night Skate - idea has spread to many different countries all over the world. In Europe there are Friday Night Skates in cities in The Netherlands, Germany, France, The U.K. and many other countries.

In Amsterdam there is an established Friday Night Skate tradition every Friday night, and in Paris the skates are known to attract a large number of people - in some cases as many as 20.000 skaters.

One of the things that all Friday Night Skates have in common all around the world is that the skates are not a competition. They are skate-events, and the idea is to skate together as a group - from the same starting point every time.
Websites for Friday Night Skates around the world

Former Friday Night Skates in Copenhagen

In September 1999 the first Friday Night Skates were arranged in Copenhagen. Three skates with around 200 participants were held with great success. Back then the skates were arranged by Vesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub, who is one of four organizer of Friday Night Skate - Copenhagen, which in 2006 startetd this new version with 8 events during the summer. 2006 become a great success with around 400 participants per event, and in 2007 we expanded to 12 events during the summer, and have since sticked to that.
Who is behind Friday Night Skate Copenhagen?