First aid on wheels

The Flying Nurses/Doctors can be sent for, if an accident happens along the way. Flying Nurses/Doctors are volunteers with a first-aid course as a minimum. They are skating in and around the field of participants, so that they are able to provide first-aid right away, if an accident should happen. The Flying Nurses/Doctors carry first-aid equipment and cell phones. 

H:S Frederiksberg Hospital has supported the Flying Nurses/Doctors with plaster, gaze bandage etc., so their are well-equipped for the skate.

How can the Flying Nurses/Doctors help?

The Flying Nurses/Doctors can treat minor injuries such as abrasions etc. They can also determine the need to call for additional help – and what kind of help to call for - in case of more serious injuries.

Therefore: If there is an accident, call for one of the Flying Nurses/Doctors right away.

How do they look?

You can recognise the Flying Nurses/Doctors by their red vests, helmets and first aid equipment.