When are the Friday Night Skates being held?

In the period April – September, aprox. 8 Friday Night Skates will take place.
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Where do we meet?

The fixed starting and finishing-point for the Friday Night Skate is in 2019 at the Israels Plads - right next to Nørreport Station. Exceptions can happen and will be posted on the frontpage and on our Facebook page.
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Who can participate and how?

Everyone can participate in the Friday Night Skate. It is free of charge and there is no signing up. The only condition is that you are a good skater able to brake and skate in a controlled manner.
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When does the skate start and finish?

The Friday Night Skate starts at 20.00 and finishes around 22.00. Please come at least 15 minutes before the event starts, so everyone will be set to start at time. If you are late, the field of participants has left, and you will not be able to participate.

Where do you skate?

You skate as a group in the middle of the street among the other road users escorted by MC-officers and volunteer skilled skaters (Blockers).
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Is it safe to skate in the middle of traffic?

Under the conditions of the Friday Night Skate: YES!
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What to bring?

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How fast do we go?

We try to keep a consistent pace around 15 km/h. You have to be confident to skate at this speed level to participate. The Blockers make sure that the pace isn't too fast or slow. 
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Are there any breaks along the way?

Yes, there are 1 breaks during every Friday Night Skate.

What if it rains?

In case of rain and wet streets, the skate will be cancelled and postponed a week. Cancellations can happen up until 2 hours before the start of the skate. Check out the website for possible cancellations.

If the weather turns bad during the skate the organizer may cancel the skate because of the safety.

What if I get injured?

If you are involved in an accident or if you see one, call the Flying Nurses. They are able to provide first aid or call for further help if necessary. 
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