Skilled volunteer skaters

"Blockers" is the name of some of the volunteers at the Friday Night Skate. They are skilled and experienced skaters skating around the field of contestants to keep the field together and lead it safely through the city.

Do always respect requests from the Blockers

Friday Night Skate can only be held, if the skate event can be carry out safe and flexsible.

Their job

Blockers overlook traffic and make sure that nobody

  • gets too far behind,
  • skates too far out of the field or
  • skates too fast in front of the field.

The Blockers are escorting the field of participants along the route, in the same way as the MC-officers in front of and behind the field. In this way the skaters are led as gently as possible through the traffic.

Location of the Blockers

In front of the field there are Blockers securing the safety of the skaters when passing through intersections. Collaborating with the Blockers around the field, they make sure to stop the field whenever there is a red light, until a safe passage through the intersection is secured.

The Blockers skating within the field make sure to keep the pace as consistent as possible, so it won't be too fast or slow.

How do they look?

You can recognise the Blockers by their yellow reflective vests, signal lamps and whistles.